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Annual Halloween Parade - October 31st

We are so excited to invite parents to join us for Carmel Creek’s annual Halloween Parade on Monday, October 31st at 8:45am. For this year’s parade we will be able to have parents/guardians/younger siblings on campus. The only entrance will be Gate D on the west side (see map below). We will have tables set up by grade level for parents to sign in and sign out.

Students will stay with their classes for the parade and return to their classrooms, with their classes, following the conclusion of the parade. Please be mindful of only taking pictures or videos of your own child(ren). This short parade will feature fun music and a chance for students to see their classmates in their Halloween costumes and come together as an all-school community. We will be having the parade shortly after school begins and intend to have students back in the classroom around 9:15am.

VISITOR protocol for parade:

To support our safety protocols, parents/guardians will be asked to sign in and sign out.

- 8:30 AM - ENTER through 3rd grade gate (west side of campus) - sign in at tables

- View parade in designated location

- EXIT through 3rd grade gate (west side of campus) - sign out at tables

Note: If parents are supporting class parties as volunteers, they will need to exit the blacktop and enter the building through the front office and sign in as a volunteer through Raptor.

If students wish to actively participate by wearing a costume, then we prefer that students arrive at school dressed as we will begin the parade shortly after the start of the school day. Students do not have to actively participate. We will have a handful of extra costumes in case a student comes to school and wishes to participate.

Thank you for making this a fun day at Carmel Creek and Happy Halloween!

Please keep the following Halloween Dress Guidelines in mind:

  • No pretend weapons such as water pistols, knives or swords, or any other prop that is sharp or dangerous in nature, or even looks dangerous.

  • Students must be able to sit, walk, breathe, see, and hear!

  • Costumes may not be offensive in any way - Please use good judgment and error on the side of caution. Remember, we are a Kindergarten through 3rd grade school, so we do not want anything too scary so please help your child with what is appropriate for school. If in doubt, don’t let your child wear it.

  • Costumes must still adhere to our dress code policy.

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